Why Work With Us?

Unlock Diversity Opportunities

We understand the importance of meeting diverse supplier goals and are committed to maintaining compliance with industry regulations, standards, and expectations for supplier diversity programs. Gain access to a wider range of goods and services whilst meeting your minority and diverse supplier goals.

Rolodex of Vendors

Sourcing small or minority-owned business services is critical to meeting supplier diversity goals. Our comprehensive network of suppliers provides access to goods and services from a variety of diverse businesses allowing us to be a one-stop shop for all your procurement needs.

Networking Opportunities

We empower our partners to meet their goals while also investing in underrepresented communities by leveraging our networking opportunities. Our strategic partnerships, expanding partner list, and supplier network provide a wealth of expertise and insight toward promoting supplier diversity.

Fulfill Company Objectives

Companies strive to meet their promised goals of enhancing diversity and minimizing the minority gap. However, delivering on such promises can be challenging. Work with qualified, viable minority suppliers, showcasing our commitment to supplier diversity and taking you one step closer to meeting your objectives.


Daymond John’s impact Company is proudly minority-owned certified


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