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Your Cornerman In Social Selling

Have you been like me — buying course after course to work your way to a finish line that always involved another course?

Well, I decided that has to stop. I decided instead to be the “cornerman” for my clients. That means we work toward your finish line together, you pay for your win by recognizing the role of the cornerman. We build results together.

For those who are looking to make a greater impact, we build partnerships that build community, movements, and impact.

And of course, REVENUE!

You can learn more below of the various current programs being offered. However, I don't hide behind technology and always recommend booking a call to get to collaborate more on how to partner. Look forward to seeing where we can work together.

Let's Make an Impact,



The Challenge Champion Enduring Revenue Accelerator Program 

My flagship program on how to create a predictable revenue stream without a big audience or chasing leads by building a movement. This is the framework that my one on one clients have used from scratch to launch their movements.

It starts with building your foundation, your offer, how to market and sell without "selling. We are going to cover every marketing and sales objective while creating a new revenue stream. Together we will launch & scale your movement using the challenge model. This program provides my proprietary 7 step challenge framework. Along with support to get you launching and scaling the framework to continually doing 6 figure+ challenges.

This is a proven framework that will have you become the Authority in your field. We will work together for 6-months in this program, and get you into action model immediately. 

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The Endurance Accelerator Social Selling Mastery Program

This is your ticket how to build a long-term social selling strategy to create an enduring revenue stream.The reality is that finding new clients effectively on LinkedIn is not easy. This simple program is the way to build an enduring LinkedIn strategy, that builds your authority, influence, community, and helps you stand out all while creating revenue!

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The Challenge Champion

"Endurance is a set of skills that uncovers clues along the way . These skills make you less fearful as you grasp them." Chris Colt

Looking forward to empowering you to make a greater impact in this world.