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Chris Colt     

The Challenge Champion

Let's Make An Impact

Who Is Chris

Hey, I’m Chris! And I used to be a corporate sales executive.

But I knew that I was meant for more than a job that was filling my bank account but left me unfulfilled in what I was doing.

When I first started my business, the struggle was real. I had no idea where my next client was coming from, and I started to seriously ask myself if leaving my lucrative sales career was wise.

Thankfully, I was determined to help as many people as possible through my business without sacrificing my income. There had to be a better way to consistently bring in new clients, WITHOUT:

 👉 having to post content every day

 👉 creating a complicated sales funnel

 👉attending endless networking meetings

As a coach with a degree in Marketing, I knew that ultimately my clients needed a way to get their message out. Much like myself!

Then it finally clicked and I launched my first 5 Day Social Selling Challenge. My potential clients were going through my content and asking me for more!

The process was covering every marketing objective I was taught and allowed me to sell without selling.

It was all about serving my ideal client and positioning them for success to work with me.

It was a transformational experience that ultimately had me guide clients on doing their challenges.

Which birthed:

The Challenge Champion Enduring Revenue Accelerator Program

 My mission is to guide mission-driven entrepreneurs to launch & scale their movements via movement marketing so they can make a greater impact in this world!

Little bit more about me:

I'm a Digiprenuer, husband, father of 3 boys & endurance cyclist with 25+ years of sales experience. Over those years my endurance skills allowed me to contribute to the growth of startups from launch into momentum. While there were many success stories, I never truly felt fulfilled during my career and at the guidance of my business coach set out to fulfill a dream in life. That is when I successfully finished the iconic Leadville 100 mountain bike race.

As I pedaled into that finish line it was that moment, I knew life going forward was about making an impact versus just making a living. So, I pedaled into the journey of entrepreneurship.

This journey has allowed me to pioneer new movements that are making a greater impact in the world. However, making a greater impact comes with a price. All has not been a smooth pedal forward on this journey. After hitting rock bottom, I came to realize that those challenges were my guide to finding my purpose in this world.

Now as The Challenge Champion. I have been creating spaces for entrepreneurs to connect & make an impact by building movements with revenue-generating challenges. Consider me your “cornerman” for social selling. This means that I am in the race with you in real-time along you entire journey.

My company, Let’s Make an Impact, is all about bringing together those who are on a mission to make a great impact in this world. 

When I am not busy helping others build their dreams, you can find me spending time with my amazing wife Sarah and our adventurous boys Seth, Justin, and Grady. You can expect to find us enjoying the beauty of life God has provided, by pedaling on some crazy adventure that leads to fly fishing, skiing, or anything outdoors.


  • Areas of focus

  • Cornerman For Social Selling  

  • LinkedIn For Branding & Relationship Building 

  • New Revenue Streams With Challenges 

  • Igniting Passive Residual Income Streams 

  • Creating Spaces For People To Connect & Launch Movements

  • Certifications

  • C-Suite Network Contributor

  • Million Dollar Challenge Certified

  • Launched 3 Start Ups To $100M+ In Sales 

  • Finisher Of The Iconic Leadville 100 Mountain Bike Race

  • Passion For An Adventurous Life

  • Welcome Video 

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